I opened a line, returned the phone but still have the line open?


So on September 9th, 2013 I opened a dummy line to get a new phone because my previous one broke and I wasn't going to pay full retail. When opening the new "dummy" line I bought and paid for the HTC One. After 12 days I decided I didn't want that phone because it didn't suit me well so I returned it. During the return the clerk told me my line would also be terminated or I can get another upgrade using the same line due to the fact that I returned the phone withing the 14 days. So when I went to replace the returned phone, ANOTHER DUMMY LINE opened up for me. Now I have two dummy lines with just one upgrade that I used. Why wasn't the returned line disconnected or terminated? Why do I have two extra lines and only got one phone out of it? I'm thinking that Verizon messed up somewhere here and completely scammed me out of a phone. On top of that is asking for a termination fee when I had returned the phone within the 14 days.

Also, the return is listed in the notes if any Customer Service rep will take a look at it.


Sept 9, 2013: Opened dummy line, purchased HTC One

Sept 22, 2013: Returned HTC One, dummy line stayed open.

Sept 22, 2013: New dummy line opened in order to get replacement for the HTC One returned phone??

Sept 23, 2013: Customer Service would not terminate my line, and/or remove one of the dummy lines.

Please help and fix my situation. This is extremely unfair and bad customer service!

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Re: I opened a line, returned the phone but still have the line open?

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Community Manager


I am here to help!  This should have been addressed and taken care of on your first return visit.

I would be happy to review the account for you.  Just follow my username (AnthonyTa_VZW) and send me a Direct Message including your name, wireless mobile number and billing account password so I can further assist.  Thank you for your patience and your understanding!

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