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I need to upgrade, but my account is not eligible to make payments online...


I have had an extremely hard/irritating couple of days dealing with the verizon "support" team. 

I've been back with verizon since around the end of november. During this time, I have had an ongoing fraud investigation that involved my bank account closing my debit card, and literally denying every single ach transfer. (I bank with chime)

So, naturally, verizon payment bounces, have to pay a 25 reversal fee, and on top of that, my account is now restricted to CASH ONLY. Until JULY?? 

This is absolutely absurd. I have done everything in my power to get this straightened out. I spent hours, literally hours being transferred from financial services, back to customer support, being told to go into a store and I'd be able to get a phone and have them take off the cash only restriction. Was even told if I paid my balance that the entire restriction would be taken off and I'd be eligible for device payments again..

Verizon, I have spent SO MUCH MONEY with you guys and now you are punishing me. I NEED A NEW PHONE. 


I rely on my phone for work. I demand someone reach out to me and help me out in was of my account being able to make device payments like I was eligible to TWO WEEKS AGO. 

I am tired of being on the phone, and financial services telling me to call customer support, then having customer support, after waiting 45 plus minutes to speak to them tell me to call financial services, who then tells me to go to the store. IM DONE. I wish I could switch phone services but due to me spending 250+ the last TWO days to try and ensure my account is eligible for device payments I cannot afford to start a new service!!!


Please help me with some sort of RESOLUTION! Stop sending me in circles!!!


Re: I need to upgrade, but my account is not eligible to make payments online...


Perhaps you could purchase a new phone at the full retail price from the manufacturer and then move your active SIM card from the old phone to the new phone.


You can also look at purchasing a slightly used phone from Amazon or elsewhere if you can't afford a new phone. 

I'm most definitely NOT a VZW employee. If a post answered your question, please mark it as the answer.