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I need to file a complaint. Fraud is happening and no one is assisting.

ello anyone at Verizon- I need to file a formal complaint about a huge issue that is going on in a local store as well as the customer service number. I have called over 5 times in the course of 2 months to have an issue a resolved and each time I talk to someone I am told that the issue is being taken care of. I feel like I am getting the run around with no resolution.

In July of this year I went into my local store to get the Father's day deal. $99 for any smart with a 2 yr contract. I went into the store and was told that I was eligible for the new phone. The sales person spoke very quickly about this "edge program" and told me that all I had to do was give him my HTC and that I would get my new Iphone5s. I did all this and then I get my first bill and to my surprise when I looked very closely at what I was paying for, I found that I was making monthly payments for an Iphone that was $650!!!! Who is crazy enough to pay that much for a phone when they were told they were paying $99, and gave them an HTC?

I called customer service and spoke to Edgar he said that he was sorry and that I should contact the store manager and they would be able to resolve it. I followed Edgar's advice and spoke to Alex the store manager and he said he would do some research and call me back. He never did.

I called customer service the again and spoke to Kayla who was exceptionally helpful. She remembered the promotion and was determined to get this issue resolved. She even put me on hold to call the local store to speak to someone and promised she would have all this resolved. She also wrote extensive notes only acct for those to follow. She told me that I would be merged out of the Edge Programs into a 2 year contract. I would not be paying $650 for the phone and would be reimbursed for any payments I made towards that ridiculous balance.

I called back after a couple weeks and I was still paying for the $650 phone and I was EXTREMELY upset at this point because I had to keep following back to see if Verizon had done their job. This is not my responsibility. I was promised follow up calls and emails ensuring that my issue was being resolved. Still nothing.

I called and spoke to Ashley this time. I gave the WHOLE detailed issue AGAIN and said she got an approval from her manager to sending my case to corporate. She had to fill out a form and send it off. She promised a call after 5 days for a follow up. She never called. She provided me a confirmation #(removed).

I called again and spoke to Luann asking if she could give me a status of my confirmation # where she stated that there are no notes in my acct for this #. So was this just a gimmick to get me to give up? Or did it in fact get sent off somewhere and its now lost? At this point I am extremely disappointed in Verizon and their customer service. I feel like I have been lied to, cheated out of money, so someone could get commission, and just upset. Oh by the way the manager and sales person no longer work at the store. I wonder what happened there?

Could someone resolve this?!!! I would like to know where my confirmation # went and if this going to be resolved? I am seriously contemplating switching carriers and reporting this to the authorities. This is negligence as well as fraud. I appreciate any sincere solution to this matter.


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Re: I need to file a complaint. Fraud is happening and no one is assisting.
Customer Support


I understand your concerns about the Edge agreement. Let me provide you a little bit more info about our Edge program. You can always log in via My Verizon and view your edge agreement. Let me know if you have any additional concerns that I can help with! We are here to help you out.

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Re: I need to file a complaint. Fraud is happening and no one is assisting.
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try here:

File a complaint with them. Verizon will call you to fix the blunder.

But remember it is always up to the customer to insure what they are getting and what it costs. Don't trust the word of a sales person who makes their living on getting that sale. Lies, deceit or false promises will be and have been used by sales people for thousands of years.

Good Luck

Re: I need to file a complaint. Fraud is happening and no one is assisting.

@StevenR_VZW Thanks for the response. But this is not what I was looking for. I was told that I would be merged out of the edge program, and into a 2 yr and reimbursed. I really don't care to know about the details of something I was promised I was getting out of, per 3 different customer service reps. But thanks anyways.