I didn't use my phone but I still got roaming charges?!


I live fairly close to Canada, my town boarders St Stephens, NB. But, I don't get how my dad & I wracked up $116+ in roaming charges when our iPhone's never indicated we were roaming! I called Verizon & they said the couldn't help me out because they are "valid charges", they only gave me the number to Financial Services when I told them there was no way I could come up with that amount of money.

I just got with Verizon in April... so far I'm VERY displeased. I am canceling my services ASAP. THIS SUCKS!

I JUST paid my bill. There is NO WAY I wracked up $116+ in extra charges in 12 days. This is ridiculous.

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Re: I didn't use my phone but I still got roaming charges?!

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Hello camoores - Your satisfaction is important to us and we do not want to see you walk away! Were the charges related to voice or data usage? If this was data roaming it is possible that application and email could have updated when phone was in standby and picking up Canadian towers. We can diable roaming on the device to avoid these charges going forward. Here is a link to adjust roaming settings for the iPhone 5 however this will work on other iOS 6 and iOS7 devices: http://support.verizonwireless.com/support/devices/knowledge_base.html/64640/#ios7

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