I am having an issue regarding a placed order via customer service department


I recently relocated to Anchorage Alaska as part of a permanent change of station per the United States Air Force. I was initially located on the East Coast in the lower 48 and at the time of activating my contract I had purchased two separate Iphone 4 devices. I also recently went in to a store in February to purchase a Nexus 7 as well.

Upon arrival in Anchorage I had multiple issues regarding the Iphone 4 devices including being unable to send and receive text messages & imessages, unable to make phone calls, dropped phone calls, unable to utilize GPS, as well as not being able to access general account information and use anything related to web browsing or data usage. It was determined that because the Iphone 4 operates on the 3g network and Verizon does not have a 3g network in Alaska, as a result I was utilizing an extended service network from another carrier. As a result of this I am only able to use my Iphone 4 devices while connected to my wi-fi network while within my home, which is totally unacceptable.

I was not made aware that I would be dealing with this when I moved to Alaska and inquired as the the use of the devices I currently owned prior to purchasing the tablet. I was assured by three separate store employees one of which being a manager that all devices would function at 100% efficiency including the Iphone 4s. In fact I was recently billed 350$ for roaming charges last month, which prompted me to speak with a representative via the online chat regarding the significant increase she said that she was unable to process any sort of credit to the account regardless of what I had been told at a local Verizon store where I purchased the tablet.

As a result of all of these mishaps since arriving here in Alaska I determined I was in need of newer devices that utilize the 4G LTE network currently provided by Verizon in Alaska. I know for a fact that the 4G LTE works great up here because my Nexus 7 tablet runs flawlessly and does not incur roaming charges when utilizing the 4G LTE network.

Yesterday I attempted to contact Verizon through the live chat feature regarding upgrading two of the devices on my account. The live chat representative immediately asked me when my upgrade date was. Upon telling her my upgrade date 9/29/2014 she told me I should contact the customer service department as I might be eligible for an early upgrade. I then proceeded to contact the customer service department using my Iphone 4.

My attempt to speak to anyone in the customer service department resulted in a merry-go-round of being put on hold 6 separate times by two different employees, both of which had me wait for more than an hour while they attempted to speak to a manager to gain approval for an early upgrade. The first rep seemed almost sure she would be able to have my devices upgraded early especially considering the issues I was having regarding service.

The second rep seemed newer and was very dodgy about my questions and was very unwilling to help at first. He even mentioned that I had been a Verizon customer for almost two years, had never missed a single payment and had outstanding account history which should have garnered some sort of importance to the level of my request. But I digress, during this time I was disconnected from the call twice from each separate representative.

Both reps assured me they would call me back, I never did get a call back from either one of those reps and I was becoming very frustrated having waited four hours trying to find some sort of solution to my current predicament.

After waiting an hour for the second representative to call back I grew impatient and contacted the customer service department, was put on hold again, and finally reached a third customer service representative who was able to provide a solution for me.

I explained everything I had been dealing with to Cory ID #  V0PAC61, both regarding the phones, the issue of the level of service I was receiving, the dire need for working devices and the multiple times I had been disconnected. I explained to him as a result of these issues I was certainly considering switching to a different provider, a local provider even who could provide me the adequate service that I require for my mobile devices.

I explained to Cory that I had been with Verizon for almost two years, and I had been on a relatives account prior to owning my own Verizon account and had never received this kind of treatment when trying to work towards a simple solution. Cory proceeded to tell me he needed to put me on hold to see if there was anything that could be done regarding the upgrades of the device considering all of the trouble I had been dealing with.

After Cory reconnected with me in the phone call he was able to successfully reach a solution by allowing me to upgrade my devices. We conversed about the options available and I eventually decided to upgrade both Iphone 4 devices to Moto X devices as we determined those would be sufficient for my needs while in Alaska. I also proceeded to add two Otter Box Defender cases to the order so that the devices would have sufficient protection. Cory inquired as to whether or not I would like to purchase insurance for the phones as well and I opted for the $5.00 monthly insurance which including damage and water protection.

Cory explained to me the grand total for the devices which included an activation fee of $35.00 for each device, $49.99 for each Otter Box case, and an additional $50.00 for each device which would be refunded as a rebate upon receipt of the devices and activation, a rebate that I would be required to submit. Cory explained to me that the devices would most likely arrive Tuesday of 6/17 and no later than Wednesday 6/18.

Cory took my shipping information and told me everything was all set and the only thing left to do was to transfer me to the automated service so that I could accept the 2 year agreement for both devices. I thanked him very much, took his name and ID# so that I might leave positive feedback about his exemplary customer service and was then transferred to the automated service.

Once transferred to the automated service I was then prompted to enter both telephone numbers for the devices that would be upgraded, I was then required to accept the new 2 year agreement for both devices and after doing so I was required to end the call. I did so in an orderly fashion and expected a confirmation # to arrive in my email regarding the placed order.

I have never received a confirmation email. I decided to sleep on it and assumed a confirmation email would be sent sometime tomorrow. Nothing has since been received however. I woke up early this morning around 6AM Alaska time to speak to another live chat representative, Bryan, in the billing department who assured me the order was currently processing and verified the order #. I asked him whether or not it was typical for a customer to not receive a confirmation email for an order placed and he said it can sometimes take up to 2-3 business days. He then stated that he had taken note of the issues I was experiencing and told me he would transfer me to the sales department as they would be able to provide more information regarding the shipment of both devices and a confirmation email, as he stated he did not want me to have to wait any longer than necessary to receive said devices.

I was then transferred to Devon in the sales department via the live chat service where I was then required to repeat everything I had said to both Bryan and the other representatives I had spoken too. After a lengthy discussion and repeating everything I have just wrote he told me the order was indeed processing and that he would send a confirmation email in the next 30 minutes.

That was 2 hours ago. It is now 8am Alaska time and I still have not received a confirmation email regarding my order. I was sent an email by Verizon an hour ago stating I had a device to "discover". The email contained no information regarding the shipment of my device, the order confirmation number, or anything regarding my account. The email I received was a typical spam email asking an individual to check out the current available phones and sign up for a new contract.

All I want is a confirmation email to assure that the devices are being sent. I need my phone for work and to communicate with my family in the lower 48. I desperately need to make sure that the device is in fact being sent to the proper address, this is why a confirmation email of the order is so important. I do not care about the shipping speed I just want what I ask to be taken care of for a change. I would hate to sit here unable to determine what the status of my devices are only for the order to be stuck in "processing" limbo and be unable to receive the devices when I was told they would be sent.

I feel I have been given the run around treatment way more than is typically given with any company when an individual is trying to work towards a solution. I have been patient and cordial with everyone I have spoken with, I have not raised my voice or shown stress or anger towards the situation I have only tried my best to work towards a solution with anyone I have spoken too but I am becoming increasingly frustrated with this situation.

Any help regarding this matter would be greatly appreciated. This situation has left a sour taste in my mouth and if the devices were indeed not actually processed in an order, or they were not shipped correctly, or in fact if the order had never existed at all it will only deter me from keeping my Verizon account active and affect my decision to switch to another provider.

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Re: I am having an issue regarding a placed order via customer service department

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Community Manager

Hello APVzW, we absolutely want the best path to resolution. My apologies for multiple attempts of replacing the device. We'd like to verify the order information and see if we can locate the tracking number. Please send a direct message with the order number so we can dive deeper. Here's steps to send a direct message: http://vz.to/1b8XnPy We look forward to hearing from you soon.

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Re: I am having an issue regarding a placed order via customer service department


I have already added Verizon Wireless Customer Support as a follower and I am waiting for Verizon Wireless Customer Support to "follow" me back so that I am able to send messages directly to you.