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How to waive ETF

Hello, I really don't know where else to go, so I will start here. The other night my wife and I went into a Verizon store because we had a text that said we could upgrade early and get a 100$ credit. We went in and an associate named Debbie started to check us in, then an associate named Jeremy came over and said, "I got this Debbie". He asked for my name and phone number, and I saw him pull up my account on his little iPad and said "Yep, your completely out of contract", I said "really? I thought my contract didn't end until the end of Jan". He then said "nope, you are completely out of contract, sometimes corporate will push back the contract date so it ends early, they do it a lot". He then proceeded to ask what devices we were interested in, then wrote a quote. I said we would think about it. We went to AT&T and signed a contract since they were about $40 cheaper per month. I called Customer Service this morning to ensure all services were shut off and they said my contract wasn't up until Jan 31st. After speaking to them for a bit there was nothing they could do and told me to call the store. The store said Jeremy told us that we were only eligible for an early upgrade and thats what our account notated.

So for one, I have been a customer since it was alltel, before Verizon bought them out, and have been a customer with verizon for about 10 years, at least. Never missed a payment, and have always upgraded and used services. The store employee lied to me, then to his manager when I talked to them. Now I'm stuck with one more monthly payment, as well to help me limp through the contract I had a new line added, a service fee, and a 80$ bill for Jan. I can't understand why there is no way I can get my ETF waived for this issue. No person in their right mind would up an leave a contract. I would have just waited until Jan 31st to leave, or upgraded that night. Jeremy did not tell me that I was still under contract, he told me I was "completely out of contract". This is the worst experience I have ever had, and on top of it, to add the additional line, to lower my bill for January to only $80 bucks I had to have a credit check, "soft" or not it's a credit check. I'm in the process of getting a home, checks on my credit don't look good. I have worked in call centers for almost 10 years, I know the ETF can be waived, but no one is refusing to even consider it. I've spent 10 years of my life paying over 160+ a month for my phone lines, never missing a payment, and recommending family and friends to your service and this is how I am treated.

Also let me mention that Jeremy kept talking about his kids and showing us pictures of his 8 month old. So I don't know where I made a mistake. My mistake was walking into Verizon that night. After talking to customer service and spending well over an hour on the phone, just to repeat what we have done. Since both our lines were ported to AT&T they added a new line and placed the lowest plan on it. I will pay my normal verizon bill for this month, then pay 80 in Jan. This is the best they can do. What other options can you give someone that has spent ten years with the same company as a loyal customer. Or will the answer be "we spoke to everyone and there is just nothing we can do, sorry".? Let's be real, who in their right mind walks out on a contract? If Jeremy would have told me I would have stayed until my contract was up. Now im left with paying for service I don't use or will not be able to use.


Joseph VanHorn

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Re: How to waive ETF
Sr. Leader

It is doubtful you will get your ETF waived. You can always come back to Verizon until the end of January and have your ETF rescinded. Then leave for AT&T at that time.

It is always good to double check your contract status in your MyVerizon account before doing something as drastic as what you did. A quick look at MyVerizon would have confirmed that you WERE still in contract as you had originally thought. Then you could have compared with "Jeremy" your information on MyVerizon with what he claimed was on his screen.

He is correct that Verizon sometimes allows early upgrades as if your contract is already completed, but the contract forgiveness is only valid if staying with Verizon. Moving on negates the contract forgiveness.