How to re-print return label


I called to have my defective device exchanged.

Customer service placed a new order for my new phone and said I have to pay for the phone ($269.99) and they will reimburse as soon as they get

the defective phone back. They said it has to be shipped by 26th. So I tried to print the return label and it didn't end up printing and now I don't have an option

to print it anymore. 26th is Saturday (As far as I know they don't ship on weekends) and they said I would be able to get the new phone on 24th. If I send the defective phone on 24th with the return label that is going to come with the new phone, I am afraid that I will be late for the return and they're going to charge me the full price if I don't get a label or ends up shipping back late. If this happens I end up paying more than $500 with 2-year contract. I really need help with this.

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