How to file a complaint to my regional President?


Dear Marquett Smith,

I am currently a customer of Verizon Wireless and Verizon Fios. I have been a customer for over 5 years and have always spoken highly of Verizon.

I recently had an issue caused by 2 service reps I dealt with on purchasing a new phone. I asked if I could give my wife my smart phone and only use it for voice. I also asked if data was disabled would my bill price increase. The answer was no my bill would not increase if I disabled data. Please understand that if I was told that the bill would increase then I would have still purchased the new smart phone and turned my old one in for cash back vs giving it to my wife (she only wants voice).  The rep that enabled my new phone was the second rep that told me my bill would not increase. He also moved her line to my old phone.

After this I received an email stating my bill would increase.

I contacted Verizon and explained the situation in a clam manner. Even the rep Lesley said she was pleased that I was handling the issue in a calm manner. I told her the main issue was we disposed of my wife's old phone and I didn't want to pay a cost since this was not my fault as she would have been fine with her having her old phone. Lesley agreed to give her the Extravert 2 for free. Then she apologized because her system went down and said she would transfer me to another call center to finish the order. I asked her to email me the discussion and still no email from her. She also said she would tell the rep the situation to avoid me being on the phone with Verizon longer than I already have.

The new rep picked up the line and I began to tell him the agreement with the other rep. He said she didn't talk to her at all. At this point I was pretty irate due to being on the phone for over a hour. The rep then placed me on hold and hung up the phone.

I called back immediately even more annoyed then before and got another rep. I explained my situation and he would not honer the agreement that was discussed with Lesley. Granted I was not the nicest person in the world, but I was extremely frustrated due to being on the phone with Verizon for over 2 hours. He did offer another phone, but I declined since this wasn't the agreement. At this point I was also tired of being lied to and hung up on. In the end I asked for him to send me a return slip for my Samsung phone and that I would be taking my business elsewhere after he said I could not speak to his manger. I was still pretty angry, so probably said more then what I am typing to you.

I then calmed down and contacted Verizon the next day to move my lines back to the way they were. I went through the trash to locate my wife's phone and then opted to finding my old Verizon basic phone vs the one in the trash since it didn't smell to well.

I contacted Verizon and the rep was very helpful. She moved my lines back to the way they were and also said she would waive the re-stocking fee for returning the new smartphone. She also completed the order in a timely matter. Now just waiting to see if she told the truth.

I also finally received the shipping label to return my smartphone today. Pretty much right at the 14 day limit for returns. This was due to the rep sending it to the wrong address even though I spelled it out using the Military Phonetic Alphabet 2 times (2 deployments and 5 years in the military embeds this in your mind forever). No worries because I contacted my local wireless office the next day and they printed out a label for me since I could not print out the label online. I would also like to say they displayed excellent customer service to get my package back to Verizon in time.

I am now writing you because I wanted you to be aware of my experience. If you need to reach me please feel free to call or email me. I would be even more pleased if you could pull up the recordings for all my calls as I do believe I was in the right. I just don't want bad reps to ruin Verizon's excellent customer support image. As a last suggestion it would be helpful to identify a rep by using a number vs just saying their first name. Would this be possible?

Thank you for your time,


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Re: How to file a complaint to my regional President?

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Community Manager

I definitely appreciate your loyalty and I certainly don't want to lose you. I understand it can be disappointing when your expectations aren't met. I can review all details and provide available options. Please accept my follow request, follow me and send me a direct message so I may further assist. Thank you.

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Re: How to file a complaint to my regional President?

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How To: Direct Message  and  TominqueBo_VZW