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How to contact the Verizon legal department. Verizon will not respond!!!!!

I had a phone number [Removal required by the Verizon Wireless Terms of Service]  that I owned for 8 years before my former employer wanted to put it under their name.  I received in writing an agreement that the number would be returned to me if I ever left this position so I agreed.  Upon leaving a few years later the company Pella Products of Kansas will not give me back my number,  because I'm going to work for a competitor.  Verizon said "I needed to have my legal person contact Verizon legal".  I followed directions and hired a lawyer to take action.  Verizon wireless informed my lawyer that the number [removed] would be shut down.  Verizon has failed to do so and is now ignoring my calls and giving me the run around by putting me on hold and not answering questions.  What can I do to get this number deactivated?

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