How do I report horrible customer service at the Niles, Ohio location?


I had the absolute worst experience yesterday I have ever had in my 12+ years of being a Verizon customer. I went into the store looking to upgrade a phone and I was assigned to this customer service rep who was the rudest woman I have ever met in my life. I had several questions and concerns about the new plans and she treated me like I was stupid and spoke to me in a very loud and rude tone. She tried to sell me a tablet and my fi hot spot despite the fact I told her I already owned an I pad. Her explanation of the new plans was very confusing and she spoke down to me. I actually had to go to best buy for clarification of the plans. It was not appreciated and because of her I will be avoiding the Niles store altogether and I will take my business elsewhere. This is a horrible way to treat your customer of 12 + years. I have been a customer when the company was Alltel. I can't believe Verizon employs such rude and hateful people. It is there job to explain and help customers not be rude and condescending. Verizon could learn a thing or two about customer service from Best Buy.

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Re: How do I report horrible customer service at the Niles, Ohio location?

Customer Support

You always deserve the highest level of support and I apologize the experience. We certainly value your 12 years of loyalty and only want the best for you. I have sent a Direct Message so that we can obtain more information and make sure your feedback reaches the appropriate channel. I will look forward to your reply.
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