How do I file a complaint about Customer Service?



On 11/4/16 at 11:51 AM I received this text message (photo attached) from 900080004007 after speaking with Customer Services Representative Whitney about an early upgrade. Whitney granted my early upgrade, and I asked her if I could buy a new phone at Best Buy to which she said "yes".

On 12/3/16 I drove 20 minutes to Best Buy to purchase a new phone. I was told that Verizon Customer Service had to do a manager override. I then left the Best Buy that I been in for 30 minutes already and went to my car. I then called Customer Service. I spoke to Carrie and she said the upgrade approval given by Whitney was not credible and said I would not be getting an early upgrade. Now this is where I get angry and this is where I demand something be done about it. If not, I will leave Verizon, and I will make sure anyone I ever talk to about Verizon goes to another carrier. You run the worst company on the face of the planet and here's why.

I asked Carrie how any of this was my fault. How did I know YOUR employee screwed up? How could I have impacted the decision to grant the early upgrade? How is any of this MY fault? That's easy, it's not. It's VERIZON's problem. YOUR company gave out bad intel and you ADMITTED it to me, so why I am suffering the consequences? I demanded to talk to a manager and was put on with Jessie (Jessica is full name I believe). Jessie said the offer given by Whitney was the same as offering me "a million dollars in account credit" (implying it was obviously not a real offer). This was insulting and I calmly explained to Jessie how those aren't remotely similar or of equivocal scale. I then asked since Verizon is admitting it's mistake what Jessie could do for me since I have driven 20 minutes to Best Buy, sat in the store for 30 minutes, waited on the phone for 20 minutes before I spoke to anyone and then had to spend another 20 minutes hearing abject disregard for a customer from a customer service manager. Jessie said "nothing, we are going to do nothing".

This is YOUR customer service Verizon. That's how you care for customers? YOU’RE pathetic, and everyone I know will hear this story on social media, and in person whenever your company comes up.

Both of the discussions with names are in recorded calls that YOU have...look them up and listen to how respectful I was and how ridiculous your representatives treated me. How my time was not valuable to them, to you.

I would like, although I highly doubt, a response from someone in a position of authority because for all I know I'll probably get put on the phone with Jessie again and that would lead nowhere. If you care about your customers at all, then please contact me. Otherwise, you will be able to reach me on my new phone from (insert carrier here) that actually gives a damn.

You told me I got an upgrade, you were wrong, it's not my problem. Fix it.


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Re: How do I file a complaint about Customer Service?


Third party retailers don't always have access to promotions available from Verizon Wireless corporate which is what you you received.

I'm most definitely NOT a VZW employee. If a post answered your question, please mark it as the answer.

Re: How do I file a complaint about Customer Service?

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Wait!  You got a special offer on 11/4 and didn't try to act on it to a month later?  These special offers are very time limited, especially since they involve trading in your current phone.  A month later, your phone changes in value and needs to be reassessed if you still qualify.  I suspect there is much you are leaving out on the Verizon side of your one sided story.  And why do you still want a 2 year contract when they are usually a worse deal now?

Re: How do I file a complaint about Customer Service?

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GNDUMBRI, we never want you to feel like this and see you leave us. Let's look into this a find a viable solution. Please send us a private message on Facebook  or send us a DM on Twitter so we can better assist.

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