How can I file a complaint against a verizon store?


My husband upgraded his phone last month - and the in store representatives were rude and not knowledgeable at all.  At first they deactivated my phone, instead of his.  They took personal calls and texts the entire time they were helping him set up the new phone, and their overall customer service was rude.  Lastly,  when we got the bill they had signed both me and him up for Phone insurance - which he explicitly stated he did not want. (and I never even had insurance on my account at all - so this was a new feature they added without our instructions).

The online Verizon community (Joshua) was very helpful, he cancelled this service and refunded me the amount of the insurance that I shouldn't have been charged.  I just want the powers that be to know the service at the store location below was horrible - and has a reputation for poor customer service.


750 6th avenue

New York, NY

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