Home Fusion broadband has been out for two months


I have had Home Fusion broadband for about 3 years. During that time, there have been periods of outages that have lasted days at a time. The latest outage started on December 28, 2015 and has lasted through today, February 26, 2016. During this period the Home Fusion broadband has been down almost the entire time, except for a few minutes here or there. I have contacted Technical Support multiple times and each time they tell me there is a ticket and they promised to look into the status of the ticket and call me back. They have NEVER called me back.

I finally sent a complaint letter to an address that a technician gave me. A week later I received a call on my answering machine acknowledging the letter and telling me to call a number. It turns out the number they gave me was the exact same number that I have been calling all along. Did they even bother to read my letter to see that I had already called tech support multiple times?

At this point I need to know if Verizon is at all serious about standing behind their product, or if I should find another carrier for my internet service and cell phone service.

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Re: Home Fusion broadband has been out for two months

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Your satisfaction is our priority and we would be heartbroken if we were to lose you! We want to see this resolved once and for all. I have sent a Private Message so we can offer you the personalized support you have deserved from the beginning.
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