Highly Disappointed in Store Service - Hamilton Town Center, Noblesville, IN


Well since I can't seem to find anywhere to email Verizon I guess I will post this here. I was highly disappointed with the customer service my Mother recently received at the Verizon store at Hamilton Town Center in Noblesville, IN. She upgraded her phone, but the store rep was less that helpful, he only seemed interested in making sales (accessories, insurance etc.), not answering questions (what is our grand total now?). Our biggest concern was when we noticed later that evening that he had failed to give her a receipt, any kind of receipt, at all. Nothing, no record or what she paid, what she bought, how much she paid (which was a but suspicious as he had to "go in the back to run the credit card"). No printout of the rebate she was supposed to mail in, no record of what new plan she may have signed up for? This was the day after Christmas and it was quite busy, in the excitement of getting a new phone (her first smartphone) we did forget to ask a few questions, but I thought that was their job, to go over everything?? Unfortunately my Mother had to leave town that evening to go back home, and trying to call the store and get them to understand the situation and send her a copy of the receipt? Forget it! They had the sale at that point, they could have cared less.

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Re: Highly Disappointed in Store Service - Hamilton Town Center, Noblesville, IN


Is a copy of the receipts available in her MyVerizon account online?

I hope you can get it sorted out.

I'm most definitely NOT a VZW employee. If a post answered your question, please mark it as the answer.