Help: Going to China, what do I do with my phone/data plan?


My partner and I are headed to China for a few weeks. I heard that even having the phone on airplane mode for the entire trip will still incur roaming fees. I've also heard that we can't really use Verizon in Beijing and should just get a cellphone when we land if we need one. We'd like to take our phones, but should we just leave them in California? I use the darn thing for tons of things that don't require a network.

We have a family plan which a third person not going to China is on as well. My partner and I have data plans (Android Bionic and Android HTC Hero), the third person does not. I hate the idea of spending a few hundred dollars for a data plan that we won't be using in China. Can we put it on pause for just my partner while leaving the third person with the ability to use minutes (she does not have a data plan or text)?

Any help would be greatly appreciated. Thanks in advance.

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Re: Help: Going to China, what do I do with my phone/data plan?


Leave it at home.

But if you really need it, but if you don't need actual service, put it into airplane mode BEFORE you get on the plane to go to china. It will connect to a network as soon as your turn it on in china, and will tag your bill with roaming charges.

You can suspend your service either online or by calling CS.