Have you been successful porting your number and keeping unlimited data?


Hi , I am trying to save money by getting rid of my texting plan($20) and having Google Voice as my SMS provider. I want to keep my number so I will port my number to GV. For a 1-time fee of $20. The Problem is that during the process some people lose their UNLIMITED DATA package. I, of course don't want this to happen. I have searched the interwebs and found that this forum had the good information on it.



See post # 3 and # 85 for detailed instructions. I was in the process of doing it but Google Wallet denied my transaction because I needed to verify my account. This process takes 3 days. So I will wait and try again. I would like to know if the rest of the verizon community has been succesful or has regretted doing this.

I feel that this process should work and would like to keep this discussion open so other people can do the same. We all know sms and voice mins are cheap and carriers are just milking money from data plans.

PS. I felt # 85 was really straight forward


Joined the community to thank the OP - and to add in another success story. Before I start my 'experience share', I think its pertinent to mention that I have the Galaxy S4 [Android]

  1. Started the GV Port on Monday at about 3PM. Provided GV with personal details, phone number, billing PIN (you can set one up or change your current PIN on the VZW website after logging on to your account) and my account number (excluded the -00001 after my account number as suggested by other posters on this thread). Google charged me $20 to complete the port.
  2. On Tuesday morning, approximately at about 11AM, I logged into my VZW account and requested a new number (VZW's website states that this process is free if done online). At this time, my GV Port status showed "Number Change Pending". Once the new number was assigned to me by VZW (the number is issued instantly), I had to turn my phone off and wait a few minutes before turning it back on. When I turned my phone back on, it showed that the new number was active (no VZW notifications - just tried a test call from my landline).
  3. Almost 24 Hours down to the minute (so at about 3PM on Tuesday), I got an email from GV stating that my port was complete. On the GV website, I then added in my new number (under Settings>Phones), and set all calls (and texts) to forward to my new number. GV walked me through a couple of programming steps - and confirmed that my GV calls would be forwarded to my new VZW number. Please note that if you want GV to pick up your VM's, then you will need to activate Google voicemail on the GV website (Settings>Phones). Else, VZW voicemail will end up picking up your calls - and a message like "this user has a VM box that has not been set up" will play.
  4. I also opened up the GV app on my phone and changed the settings to "Make all calls through Google Voice". Also, I turned off the 'Messaging' app, and set the GV app as the default app for handling all texts.
  5. As of now, I can make and receive calls via the setup described above. Folks receiving calls from me see my GV number on their displays (so no need to update folks with my new number), and when I receive calls on my GV number, my VZW phone displays the number of the person trying to reach me (so no updating my contacts list). Low priced international calls, desktop-based texting, unlimited storage of texts/VM's/call-logs, here I come!
  6. My texts arent working yet, but GV states that it takes about 3 days before texting becomes active. When it does, I'm hoping that all texts will be routed via the GV app (I'm fairly certain that it will)

Other things to note:

  • Banking Apps: Some banking apps that require verification codes to be sent via text might stop working. I just got an email from BOFA this morning asking me to reverify my mobile number. Need to fix this once GV texting becomes active
  • Messaging: Existing texts on your device cannot be backed up/imported into GV. That said, Google Play has a couple of free apps that backup your entire message archive under a separate label within your Gmail account

Hope this helps someone else out there in taking the plunge. Seems like the process is fairly straightforward unless you decide to skip some steps or if you are impatient and try to change things too quickly (I would really urge you against skipping steps, hurrying things up, etc. GV is completely automated, and getting "support" is almost impossible).

All the best!"

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Re: Have you been successful porting your number and keeping unlimited data?


You won't lose your unlimited data as long as your account stays active and you don't purchase a subsidized phone. I just did this yesterday and it took just a few minutes over 24 hours to port my number over to GV. I still have unlimited data. I pretty much followed the instructions you have above except I waited about 7 hours to get a new number from VZW just to make sure there were no hiccups. VZW says you may get some overages if you change your number immediately as opposed to on the first day of your billing cycle because they prorate your minutes and texts used. Luckily I have unlimited everything so it didn't make a difference for me. I'm planning on going over to T-Mobile. My home is a dead zone for cell phones and I always have a weak signal and sometimes don't get my calls. I figure if I'm going to pay for an unsubsidized phone, I might as well go with a company that has wifi calling and a cheaper unlimited plan. I pay $94/mo before taxes with VZW; I'll only be paying $59.50 with T-Mobile for the same plan with 2.5 GB tethering included. T-Mobile here in LA is pretty good and even if I don't get LTE, I can fall back on their HSPA+ network, which is way better than VZW's crippled 3G network. No regrets porting over. The ONLY way I'll stay with VZW is if they allow me to keep my unlimited data (not going to do Verizon Max) and get a subsidized phone. CAN YOU HEAR ME NOW VERIZON?