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Has anyone gotten satisfaction from Verizon yet?


It just looks like Verizon created this form so that you can sound off and they don't do anything.

I am hoping that the others will catch up so that I can drop Verizon.

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Re: Has anyone gotten satisfaction from Verizon yet?


So what is the problem?

I'm most definitely NOT a VZW employee. If a post answered your question, please mark it as the answer.


Re: Has anyone gotten satisfaction from Verizon yet?


I have been a Verizon customer for 20 years, privately and in business.

I am constantly amazed at just how Verizon treats it's customers.

On Black Friday I bought a New Note 9. By Saturday evening, I realized that

the problems that I was having was anything that I was doing.

Sunday, I got up with a fresh attitude... New day, new attitude. But by

3:30 pm, I called the Tech Coach and explained my problems:

1. I was wanting to use the Fingerprint feature (since I also have a Note

5 and was used to the feature). I added both thumbs and both forefingers.

As I used my new Note 9, more than half the time my Note 9 would not

recognize my fingerprints.... Regardless which finger, or thumb.

2. The Note 9 has a new feature that I thought would be a help to me.

I've had a stroke and I wake up at all hours of the night. With my Note 5

I would have to wake it up to see what the time was. With the Note 9 the

new feature is called: Always On. Always on is a dimmed Clock Widget with

the option of adding the weather and upcoming schedule... All 3: The clock

was/date, weather and schedule were great for me. But just sometimes the

Always On would be on, but NEVER the weather or schedules.

I called Tech Coach and for the next 3 hours they were remotely inside my

phone looking and clicking... with the supervisor tech making suggestions.

Eventually after 3+ hours they said that they concluded that my NEW phone

had a defect and would note my account to exchange it. I questioned them

and said that I did not want a REFURBISHED Note 9 since my New one was only

1.5 days old when I realized that I had a problem. The Tech said that

NO.... They decided that after the 3 hours they worked on it that it WAS

just a manufacturing default and sometimes it happens and I would get

another Knew phone.. They said I could take it back to the corporate

store that I bought it from and the store would make the exchange.

Again I questioned them and said that my experience with the corporate

stores over the 20 years I've been a customer that it DOESN'T work that


The Tech Coach Resolution Department called the corporate store while I was

on hold and explained what was happening and that they deemed it as just,

again, a manufacturing defect.

The Resolution Department returned to my phone call (being on hold), and

said that they had spoken to the store and that they remarked my account


They said that the store would be closing in 20 minutes and I could just

pick it up on Monday.

I was about 6 blocks from the store and said that I could go then and be

there within 3 minutes.

3. When I arrived at the store within the 3 minutes, a salesman greeted me

and it was this same salesman that actually spoke with the Resolution

Department. He fiddled with it and my fingerprint was recognized (I don't

use it now because I don't want to find out that it's not fixed.

The Always On feature came on... But (I'll get back to this in just a


The salesman who couldn't have been 30 years old (who would have been 10

years old when I opened my personal and business account) kept looking at

the clock, said that it would cost me a $50.00 restocking fee to exchange


I was amazed that the VERY thing I told the Resolution Dept. was happening.

VERIZON wanted to charge me a $50.00 restocking fee to return a defective

phone... So I left.

4. The next day I called Customer Service and they said that it would take

until December 10th, AND that I would have to prepay the taxes on the New

Replacement phone BEFORE Verizon would send the replacement phone... And

BTW, they would credit the $50.00 restocking fee..

So now I have a brand new phone that either the fingerprint works or not

(I don't want to get back into that frustrating loop of maybe it will or

not) The Always On is indeed now on, but the features of having the weather

and schedule showing does not work even though the phone shows that those

features are turned on.

I resolved to live with a $1000.00 phone brand new out of the box that is

not working according to the way it is supposed to.

That's why I wrote what I did. I wrote it from personal experience rather

than heresy.


Re: Has anyone gotten satisfaction from Verizon yet?

Verizon Employee

I'm so sorry you have had this issue with your new device, JB Beaird. I'f a device isn't working from the start and you are withing our return policy time frame, we should replace it. We want to look further into this with you and see why it wasn't replaced with a brand new device.

Please answer my direct message so we can look into this with you.


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