Grieving Woman not helped by Verizon


First off let me say I have 2 phone lines. I have paid over $900 on this account since January. Most recently paying 205 on April 24th. They are claiming I am 105 days past due, tell me how that's possible when I just paid in April and have paid over $900 this year?

I recently lost 2 people very close to me and have had to travel to the funerals. Due to those last minute expenses I was unable to make my verizon payment. I requested a payment plan and Stacy in Financial Services Chat is completely unable to help me at all. She is rude, disregarding my feelings and ignoring my requests. She refuses to ask her supervisor to waive the restriction to extend my account 1 week.

I am in a remote area and unable to call into Verizon, now due to this I will lose my cell service all together and will be unable to text or coordinate with my family in regards to the service. Verizon has been completely unhelpful and Stacy in Chat is simply a terrible person.

All I wanted was my account to be extended 1 week to May 30th. Terrible Terrible experience.

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