Galaxy5 charger issues


My son's Galaxy 5s will not charge. We have a total of 4 Galaxy 5's and 1 Galaxy 4. We have tried all of our chargers but we get the error code that the chargers aren't recognized. I tried removing the battery, doing a factory reset and using the USB and a laptop as well as a car charger. Nothing works. We got our phones on June of 2014 so I am more than a little disappointed. Any suggestions? Anone else having this issue or fixed it?  I am a mom who needs to be able to get a hold of the kids and nervous leaving them anywhere without thier phone. Thanks for your help

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Re: Galaxy5 charger issues

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If your son's is the only one having this issue, and the chargers work with all the other S5's, then it's likely the charger port on your son's phone.  Is it dusty/dirty?  Loose?  A bent connector?