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Fraudulent International Charges


I had one international charge to Poland for $386!!  The supposed call last over 3 hours!  It was from my 13 year old son's phone.  He doesn't even know how to make an international call.  I have been a Verizon customer for over 15 years, have 5 lines on the plan, and have NEVER made an international call.  On the date and time of the fraudulent call, my son was at soccer practice and his phone was in my car.  I spoke to 6 different customer support people - Blake, Debbie, Khabijub, Nakayla, Steven (in international global) and Megan and spent a total of 3+ hours with them.  Customer support is ridiculous, all scripted answers, and have zero authority.  One told me it would be elevated to corporate and I would get a call back in 3 business days.  I waited 6 business days and called again.  Customer support kept telling me it was a valid call. Absolutely ridiculous - Verizon is a multi-billon dollar company and is unable to support a loyal long time customer by waiving a fraudulent charge!  I asked for a ticket # several times and was a ticket number is not provided because it was a valid call.  The only thing offered was a 75% off the charge which I declined the first time it was offered (after 2+ hours of arguing).  Then when I did not get a call from corporate and called again, I accepted the 75% of the charge, bringing the one-time charge down to just under $100 (for fraud) and said I would dispute the remainder.  After being placed on-hold, Megan said if I accept the 75% off negotiated offer, then the charge could no longer be disputed!  Horrible customer service - I was disconnected several times, given mis-information and received absolutely no help.  I will calling the Better Business Bureau and the FCC and continue to dispute the charge.  I find it awful that Verizon does not stand behind their loyal customers and also does not allow their customer service reps to do anything off-script or provide an avenue to speak to supervisors.  Verizon has lost a customer.