Filing a complaint against Verizon Wireless


Where can I file a complaint against Verizon Wireless?  I was offered a plan on a chat session and then told it didn't exist when switched to another representative who could convert me to a prepaid plan.  Basically, I called to determine whether I should switch to an AT&T plan since I was keeping my phone, offered a much better Verizon plan so I wouldn't leave, and then repeatedly offered different, more costly plans than the only one I was interested in.


Re: Filing a complaint against Verizon Wireless


Do you have a copy of the chat?  If so, you can file a complaint with the BBB.  It is easy to do online.  I filed on a Saturday and my issue was resolved (favorably) for me first thing Monday AM.  

However, if a customer service rep mispoke in quoting a plan and in the same conversation, another corrected what you were told, not so sure about that.  I was quoted a price and we agreed upon it and when I got my bill, it wasn't the same.  As i had the agreed upon price "in writing" I was able to resolve my problem. 

Good luck.