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This is my first time posting, so forgive me if this post is in the wrong location, or is not allowed in this forum. I have been trying to think of an appropriate way to share my experience with both Verizon and current and potential customers. This seemed to fit.

Let me start by saying that I have been a Verizon customer for several years. Overall, I have been very pleased with both the customer service and the signal strength. I have recommended Verizon to several people, and have probably brought in a fair share of business for you.


Recently, I had an experience that has changed that. Several experiences bundled together, really. It is important to note at this point that I am grandfathered into the Unlimited Data package from years ago, and I had made sure, every single time I talked to someone, that this would not be impacted. I was assured up and down that it would not and I would retain that feature.


My story starts when in July when I went on a trip with my brothers-in-law. I wanted to be able to communicate with my wife, so I arranged ahead of time to have the International calling feature added to my phone, allowing me to make and receive calls while in Canada. I left on Friday night, arrived in Ontario Canada Saturday morning, and tried to call my wife to let her know we made it safely. My phone didn't work. I received the soon-to-be all too familiar message from the Thunder Bay Cellular Network. That was strange, since I had been assured it would work fine as of Friday night. I used my brother-in-law's phone to call home, and then to call Verizon. Support told me, essentially, that it was never activated. They opened some kind of support ticket and said that it was a high priority. Then I waited. All day Saturday, then Sunday, then Monday, then Tuesday. I called back every day, but was told that I just needed to keep waiting. Then, Tuesday night I received a text message from Verizon, and my phone worked! However at this point my trip was half over. I left on Friday and came home.


Fast forward a month, when my bill comes in. It's $300! I called Verizon immediately, and they said that they had been charging me for two cell plans for my phone. One for my normal plan that my wife and I share, and another plan for the international calling. They had failed to remove the International plan when I came back from Canada, as had been arranged previously. They apologized, said that my bill would be credited next month, and said that they had fixed the issue. They assured me, as they always did, that my unlimited data package was still on my account.


Fast forward another few weeks, and I start getting text message alerts from Verizon about data overages. It says I'm at 75%, then 85%, then 95% of my 2GB Limit. I assumed this was something left over from the Canada mess, because I couldn't possibly have a data limit, and they assured me that they had fixed everything. When I started getting alerts about data overage charges, however, I called in to make sure. Turns out when they "fixed" the $300 bill, they put me on a 2GB data plan. Now that it had been two weeks since my Unlimited data plan had been removed, it was not possible to give it back to me, but based on my usage they said that they could offer me the 4GB data plan, which was only $5 MORE than what I was previously paying. Oh, and because now that I was in the middle of a billing cycle I would need to pay $10 because the plan was pro-rated or something. Honestly at this point I was just too angry to listen, since I had been on the phone for almost 2 hours being tossed around from Customer Support, to the finance department, back to customer support, then to someone else in customer support.


At the end of the call, I had to ask multiple times before I was eventually credited two months of free data plan (Total of $60), but then charged $10 to have my plan changed from 2GB to 4GB, which ultimately will be $5 more per month than my unlimited data plan, which I no longer have.


This was all due to about 4 different people making major mistakes with my account, and along the way not one single person offered to do anything beyond just simply fixing the mistakes that I had to catch, that I had to call in about, that I had to sit on hold for, and that I had to argue with the representative to prove were not my fault.


I am not under contract right now, and for the first time I am seriously considering changing carriers. I told the

representatives this on the phone, and this was met with roughly the same response that I would expect if I told them that I

had cereal for breakfast this morning. "Sorry to hear that, thank you for calling Verizon Wireless Support. Have a nice day"


I am writing this in hopes that at least one person will read it and that it will make even a small difference.


Sorry for the long message. Have a nice day!

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Re: Feedback on recent Verizon Support

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check out their everything plans. $70 for unlimited talk, text and data.

You can buy a new device at full price on the Equipment Installment Plan. pay over time.

Verizon Wireless is using any means possible to get unlimited customers off the plan and on to the more expensive tiered data plans. Anyone with reasonable intelligence knows that getting less for more is not a deal. Verizon I believe thinks their customer base are functional morons. Unfortunately the customers have to speak out and take control of the madness.

Hey Verizon could take unlimited away if they desired but to lie and cheat customers who don't have a subsidize phone is pure greed and dishonesty

Good Luck