Family data plan - what is it and how does it differ from the $29.99 plan


I'm thinking of getting  a Droid.

My wife and daughter both have "internet capable phones"  (LG something - I think it is the env)


There is a family plan that has an included data plan.  I think this plan is good for the lg phones.

Is there still a need for the $30 plan if you have a family plan?


What is the difference in the family plan with unlimited data and the data plan?



I've heard about 30 different views and really don't know which is right.  Is there any sight that has a full explanation?

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Re: Family data plan - what is it and how does it differ from the $29.99 plan

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Smartphones: (Requires $29.99/$44.99 data plan for Smartphone)
HTC Touch Pro 2
HTC Imagio
Samsung Saga
HTC Ozone
Droid Eris (HTC)
Droid (Motorola)

Blackberry: (Requires $29.99/$44.99 data plan for Blackberry)
Storm 2
Pearl Flip

Advanced MM Devices: (Requires the Connect plan, or $9.99/$19.99 limited data plan)
Samsung Rogue
LGenV Touch

Phones NOT mentioned are considered "regular" phones and do not require a data plan, but can use the Connect or limited data plan.


The difference between the Connect plan for "Advanced Multi Media phones" (only 2 that require it and others are optional) and the $29.99 data plan required for Smartphones, PDA, Android, and BB devices, is the quality of the browsing capabilities of the phones, and the amount of data that is actually being transferred to and from your phone.  You have a much richer experience with the BB/Smartphone/PDA devices.