Extortion!! how is this ok?


December my one year old Droid Razr which had a gnarly crack in the screen was not charging. I took it to my local Z wireless authorized Verizon rep he call the warranty department they promptly mailed me a new phone i sent that on back all was well. Skip to april/may I'm not sure exactly but the new Razr starts acting glitchy and heating up in your hand so this time i call in to the warranty line and the guy said he has this phone and knows exactly what is going on he asked if there is water damage and said he would mail me a new one right away. Again just like last time my screen is cracked not as bad as the first time but what ever it has a crack I was not asked by warranty dude anything about physical damage screen cracked anything like that it was in no way my intention to pull a fast one or trick vzw in to buying me a phone and i sure wasn't trying to buy another razr for $300 but as soon as the second device gets to them they respond with an email that i mailed in a physically damaged device and am being billed $300 so i spent days on the phone asking the reps from customer support and warranty to listen to the original phone call and contact the retailer that had processed the first warranty I am and have got nowhere the response is pay me and it is not right i would have never mailed either device back if I was at all informed that i was doing anything outside of a square deal if i would have been told i would have taken my $300 and purchased a different device.

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