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Executive Team / Customer Relations concerning the purchase of an iPad Air 2 64gb Silver...


Has anyone else out there had difficulty obtaining the iPad Air 2 64gb Silver from Verizon Wireless? They were running a promotion in December for $200 off but were out of stock on this model.

After a bit of arm twisting Verizon Wireless agreed to honor the discount once the model became available, but since then has all but ceased communicating with me. I have emailed, called and otherwise reached out the Verizon Wireless Executive Office numerous times and have reached pretty far up the corporate ladder in doing so. I finally received a telephone call late last week offering once again to resolve this matter. But since I was driving, and on my way out of town for the weekend it was agreed that the representative would email me the offer and follow up with me Monday or Tuesday of this week. She did, in fact, email me the offer once again - but still has not followed up with me via telephone so we can complete the purchase.

The telesales department has no knowlege of this offer, and the retail stores are not set up to accomodate such a discount.

Does anyone out there in the wide world of Verizon Wireless have any idea how to force this issue and get it wrapped up?

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