Re: Excessive Data Overages? Join me in a complaint!


I have updated my family's and my own device (Samsung Galaxy Edge). I used to run on 6GB of data a month, which was more than enough for us. Starting in May, I began receiving messages from Verizon asking me to increase my data because I'm close to my limit, as shown below:

(Verizon Msg: You've used about 75% of your 6GB data plan (cycle ends the 26th). Track usage at vzwmobile.com/usg. Or, to increase your plan by 4GB for $10 more per month, reply YES.)

It seems like ever since the first time I replied YES, I am constantly receiving messages from Verizon asking to buy more data. I have called multiple times to try and get an explanation or any form of help regarding the situation, but I'm constantly left with more than one answer but nothing resolved.

Their first recommendation included closing all background apps on the devices, which I did along with my family. It never was an issue for me in the past.

Their second recommendation after about 15 to 20 calls later, they told me that most of my data is used through my JetPack. While that's grand and everything, I have no idea what a jet pack is. I was forced to increase my 6GB a month to 18GB but still to this date I receive new messages from Verizon, as shown below:

(Verizon Msg: You've used nearly 5 GB more than your 20 GB of data in your plan (cycle ends the 26th). Overage data for this cycle is $15 per 1GB. To increase your data by 5GB for $55 more per month, reply YES.)

If you feel you have the same issues, please click like or forward issues to my email. I plan on taking this to court if I see people are dealing with the same problems.


Re: Excessive Data Overages? Join me in a complaint!

Customer Support

Edhaddadin1, AI am a stunned that you have not found the answer to your data usage concerns. We can help. Usage just does not spike up with out knowing where it comes from. Have you reviewed the Data Utilization Tool? Click here and this will help us direct on how it is being used: http://vz.to/1i40nX1

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