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I checked my bill recently after a host of issues with service dating back to May. I notice that I now I have $117.69 in "equipment charges" on my bill. I call in to customer service yesterday and speak to a very unhelpful and slightly rude representative by the name of Randy. After not getting any help from him and speaking to his supervisor, Jared, he's much more helpful. I was given 2 early upgrades, I was suppose to receive 2 LG G2s by the time it was all finished. Instead I received a Droid Maxx and an LG G2. At the time I had called back to Technical Support who orchestrated the whole ordeal, I was told by Chryswald D. to return the Droid Maxx to the corporate store and pick my LG G2 and I shouldn't be charged any restocking fee. I was surprised when I had to pay a restocking fee, then was told I would still have to buy my phone outright. Since this happened, I bought any phone I wanted and took my LG G2 that came in the mail for my 2nd line. A month later, my bill is now showing this fee. Jared has yet to return my last call and its been nearly 24 hours. When I call in today, I speak to David and he's telling me that despite the verbal agreement I made with technical support, I'm required to pay this fee, and this is how it is. I told him that I need to speak to his supervisor, and he says "he's just going to tell you the same thing." How is this customer service? Is this why I pay for this premium service? Who can I reach out to get this handled professionally, and in a manner befitting me? This is absolutely ridiculous!! Then to tell me, they offered you an early upgrade, they didn't have to do that. Who do these people think they are? I don't pay for the privilege to use the network. I pay for the RIGHT.

Since May I've had  dropped calls, calls to directly voicemail, failed SMS, failed MMS. Hence why they offered me the early upgrade.I would never offer to pay $100+ to have functioning service!! That doesn't make sense. To make a verbal agreement than change it on paper after I make it the epitome of dishonesty.

I need resolution.

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Unfortunately Verizon considers "inaccurate" info given by their CS reps to be your problem and not something that they will correct.

DOn't ever expect a callback. Its only an excuse to get you off the phone and let the next person handle your call.

Always get it in writing. This way you have proof. Which is exactly why they will never put it in writing.  Possibly why they no longer even have any customer service e mail contact. When was the last time you saw a large company not have that?

Basically they will only contact you when you make a complaint to an outside gov't agency.

Good Luck


Re: Equipment Charges

Community Manager
Community Manager

Hi ChristianPreachr!

Unexpected charges can be frustrating and I'm here to help deliver the stellar customer service you deserve! I will be sending you a Private Message within the next 2-3 minutes.



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