ETF on a botched transfer


I've had a pre-pay phone for a couple of years, went to Car Toys and got a Note 3 (good $$), because they did not understand the system and checking the box that would transfer a pre-pay to a post pay, they added the phone with a temporary number.

I went to the Verizon store in Fife, Washington and Alfonso took the time to take care of the transfer or so we hoped.

The pre-paid was merged with the new post-paid account with the Note 3 and what was supposed to happen was to transfer the pre-paid number to the post paid phone and then delete the pre-paid phone.  It did not work out that way even though they said everything was fine.

Now I have a Early Termination Fee on my bill for a phone that was not terminated but because the temporary phone number was.

What do I need to do to get this removed?

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Re: ETF on a botched transfer


Uh.. Call customer support? Although it's gonna confuse whoever you get on the phone.