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I wanted to take a few minutes to
let you know how displeased I am with your business practices.  I have been a customer with Verizon well over
15 years and have never had an issue until now. I have had my unlimited data
plan for close to 3 years now and when I tried to upgrade I was advised that I
could no longer have that plan unless I paid full price for a new device.  Furthermore I was told when I asked to speak
to a supervisor that a supervisor would tell me the same answer. I went on to
ask if Verizon would rather lose a customer to a different provider then to
allow me to keep the same plan that my contract was for and they said “YES”!

At this point in time, I take issue
with the railroading of those grandfathered into unlimited data plans into
purchasing phones at full retail, rather than being provided the standard 2
year upgrade price to keep a plan that they signed a contract for.  My question is why I would pay $60 a month
for 2 GB when I now get unlimited for $29.99. It sounds like it to me, by this
huge jump in cost and the attitude of your customer service that Verizon does
not really care about its customers, you’re more concerned about the bottom
line.  One thing I’ve learned in business
is you loss enough customers it really will affect your bottom line. To say the
least I will be looking for a new carrier which is a shame after 15 years of loyalty
to Verizon.

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Of course Verizon is concerned about the bottom line.  That's why they exist.  Unlimited data on new contracts for subsidized phones was ended 6/28/12.  If unlimited data is that important to you, you can pay full retail price for a new phone, buy a phone somewhere else, or keep your old phone.  And the 2GB data plan is $30, not $60 unless you switch to Share Everything.  Only new customers are required to have the Share Everything plan.


Re: Drop Verizon

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A) You're talking to other Verizon customers on this forum. As this is a CUSTOMER to CUSTOMER forum. So you are not in any way getting your message to Verizon.

B) I'm not sure how you think a customer service rep or even their manager can arbitrarily change Verizon corporate policy.

C) I'm not sure why you think you deserve special treatment over the other 93 million customers Verizon has. Why is it you think customer service should go against policy just for you? Sounds selfish to me.

D) There is no railroading of anything. No one said you were entitled to unlimited data forever. Also your unlimited use impacts MY use. Why should YOU get to make MY service worse? Once against sounds selfish

E) Verizon is not losing customers over this. This policy has been in place for over 3 full quarters and in those 3 quarters Verizon has not only GAINED customer, they've gained more then At&t, Sprint and T-mobile COMBINED during that time and they have the lowest churn rate of the 4. Churn rate is current customers that leave. So that kind of goes against your theory.

I'm continually shocked by the number of people that still get "surprised" by the upgrade fee or the upgrade policy for unlimited data when one has been in place for 13 months and the other 11 months and both made the major national news sources.