Downgrade in Verizon policies, services, and customer service?


I have been a long time customer of Verizon since 2000, and, in the last year, I seen, a total downgrade in their services and customer service.  Whenever you go online to mange your account, there is this constant barrage of marketing where they want you to continually buy stuff from them. much of what they say they provide always cost more than what they tell you upfront.  Second, my account has been screwed up for more than 6 months because their customer service cannot get anything right!!! You have to spend half your life, countless hours on the phone trying to unscrew what they did to you. The latest now is that one of their reps cancelled or forgot to add to our changed plan we were forced to go our Mexican plan. Of course, when my wife goes there or calls there all the charges start adding up to a bill over $500. When I finally see, the rep says, oh, I see the error and I will fix and put you back on the plan you had.

Next, I get an email that says you get back $172 and how they got that I do not know because when I change the plan my bill was only going to be $278, and now it is $350 still and it is impossible to figure out their bill (I do have graduate degrees and always in the top 5% of my class and am literally a rocket scientist).

Next, I check my bill and the bill says they are going to auto charge me the more than $500 and so I have to call again and the rep says he will take me off auto pay so I can just pay the still outrageous bill of $350 which is much higher than what i was told it would be, so more time out of my life is now spent what the hell Verizon is doing as I no longer trsut them to do anything correctly.

Once this time with Verizon is over I am done with them ... I do not recommend Verizon to anyone who wants to have a normal life...

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Re: Downgrade in Verizon policies, services, and customer service?

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rjsikor, We appreciate your business and loyalty with us. It's truly disheartening to learn that you've had such experiences with our My Verizon system, as well as billing. What specific issues are you having with your service or bills that has gone unresolved? Which service is attached to the charges that have caused an increase in your bill? Please share details on your current concerns so we can do all we can to help turn this experience around.

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