Does Anyone Have The Gouge On Verizon In Alaska?


I'm currently a VW customer and have had an incredible experience with them thus far. The only catch is, I live in AK!  I decided to leave AT&T, but before I could do that I wanted to move to a wireless carrier that was as good or better. Furthermore, I wanted to port my phone number from AT&T to VW.  The only hurdle is, that VW hasn't been given approval from the feds to offer 907 area codes.  There were announcements made last year about Verizon's intentions to open up a market in AK soon, but that they would not reveal an specific date. I don't suppose anyone has a friend high up in the VW hierarchy who would have a ball park idea of when they plan on arriving up here?

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Re: Does Anyone Have The Gouge On Verizon In Alaska?



After doing a lot of research, I have come to find out that Verizon is currently planned to be fully operational January 1st, 2014. Currently, Verizon is building cell towers around the Anchorage area. One tower I know of for sure is in Eagle River by the church on the west side of the Glenn Highway at the main Eagle River exit. There are several other locations they are building towers as we speak. Also, doing a quick "job search" in the Anchorage area, Verizon currently has plenty of job openings for the Anchorage area. I expect them to give a firm date by the end of the year.

Hope this helps!