Did customer service seriously just tell me she didn't have time to help me?


I've been a verizon customer for a whole 5 days. Thought I'd switch over to them when I finally upgraded to a smartphone. I am sadly dissappointed. After 5 phone calls I am STILL not recieving texts or calls.

I've programmed the phone, checked the notifications and every time I call I was told to do one more thing to the routine...turn off the the verizon phone, dial *228, turn of the wi-fi. Finally this morning I was told by a port specialist that I would have to call my old carrier to ensure that account was closed. She would do that for me but couldn't help with that because she didn't have time to wait on hold. Really?I am still not sure if the issue has been fixed because I don't know if anyone is trying to call or text me.

Is this what the next two years are going to be like? I am ready to go back to my old carrier. I would rather spend more money to have better service. Verizon also has not lived up to their end of the 'contract'.

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Re: Did customer service seriously just tell me she didn't have time to help me?

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I would switch back to your previous provider for sure. Verizon is best best in coverage in most areas but for the most part, the customer service is the worst in the business. If great customer service is a big deal to you then run far away. I personally never ave to call in so it doesn't matter to me.

On a side note, reps usually cannot wait on hold when there are "calls in queue". They are supposed to answer your questions and move on to the next call.