Data plan -- Possible banking data


I believe what would be nice would be a way to 'bank' unused data in a month to be pushed into a bank that you can use for the following months.

So if you were on a 2G plan, but only used 500M a month for 5 months, you would have 7.5 gigs of possible data access you can use plus whatever you have for the month as well.

Also allow a method to 'borrow' data from future months up to the limit of your data plan.  So if you have a 2G data plan, allow borrowing an extra 2G (or allowing you to go 2G in the hole) for data.

If after the year is up OR if your contract ends/terminates, you of course will have due whatever the cost is for what you are in the hole for, plus whatever additional costs Verizon would feel would be necessary I would wager.

I believe this is fair for Verizon, for the customer, and the shareholders who pay the bills.

This allows users the flexibility to use higher data limits on certain months, schedule large usage windows and not have to pay extra, while allowing Verizon the data limits they need to keep their LTE network from being saturated.

For those with existing unlimited data, I believe those should remain (as Verizon is doing), because the grandfathering in shows to Verizon we are dedicated consumers and appreciate what Verizon has done.

While I don't fully like the direction of the  unlimited data where we now have to purchase phones at cost, I am thankful that they regard the old users who are grandfathered in with the respect of allowing us to continue the unlimited data.

For those customers who are new to Verizon, and want some ability for high data usage, I believe the plan above would allow this, and still allow Verizon and their board and upper management the comfort zone to not worry about their network being saturated by still keeping limits on the data.

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