Data plan + Google Voice + inner circle = unlimited free calls?


Ok, this comprised of rumors I’ve heard and partially my own hypothesis. So could someone point out if this would work or not? It seems like a legit and legal way of getting unlimited talk minutes around the clock…


So, you’ve probably at least heard of Google Voice. It can be used in such a way that all your calls, incoming and outbound are proxied through your GV number. And with a smartphone + data plan, the GV app can be used to automatically route all your calls through your GV number. I know the Droid has this feature. As I understand it, if you want to make an outbound call, the app goes out using your data plan, tells Google Voice the number you want to call, then GV calls you first. Once your connected, it patches you in while it calls your recipient. So would I be correct in understanding that with this method, all your outbound calls would actually appear on your bill as incoming calls from your GV number?


Now to switch gears for a second. I’ve also heard that after the Verizon/Alltel merge, so as not to alienate Alltel folks who had that “inner circle” deal, that everyone in the Verizon-Alltel mix still has the option of getting an inner circle of numbers that are free to call or be called from at any time.


So now my question is, can I have VZW set me up an inner circle, and add my GV number to it so all calls to/from it are free...then as long as Im using the GV app on the Droid or other smartphone with a data plan, all my calls will be routed though that same number and hence I can call, or be called by anyone at any time for free?


I know it sounds like cheating the system, but it’s all legit, just using the features offered... if it works.


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Re: Data plan + Google Voice + inner circle = unlimited free calls?


There's no Inner circle so not sure what you are thinking like inner sanctum? maybe...



However there is F&F 5/10 numbers u can call for free if you have the 900/1400min plan Single line/FamilyShare...


If you are on a single line, starting Monday you might just consider the new 69.99 unlimited talk option... Then no hassles with dialing GV #'s etc... If you are on a Family Share plan it will be min $150 for 2 lines of unlimited...


I suggest you use the # rather than the App as the application may place the call from another # than your GV # defeating the purpose, when you dial into GV option 2 lets u place a call... this should be easily programmable into your contacts to auto dial through GV this way.. and would work on almost any phone data plan or not...


No GV does not use the data plan for the calls only for voicemail... txting etc... (NOT) to be confused with normal texting...


Re: Data plan + Google Voice + inner circle = unlimited free calls?


Actually, in the Verizon Assistant app, there is a way to add numbers to something similar to an inner circle. I think the limit is 5, but please check the app.

Here is how I use my phone.

1. Call/text Verizon users using my phone - free mobile to mobile.

2. Call/text non-Verizon mobile users using GV - free for me.

3. Call land lines using GV - free for me and them.

Some friends were confused by the transition, but I do not go over my minutes/text. That's the important part.    

Also, GV calls are better through my home wifi than the network because I live in a remote area.     

Good luck!    


Re: Data plan + Google Voice + inner circle = unlimited free calls?

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I would assume since you are replying to a post which is over 2.5 yrs old, they have either solved their problem, or they have moved on to something else which works for them.