Data doesn't add up?


Could someone explain why when I total up Data Usage for one of my phone lines via the spreadsheet it shows 400MB less than what my "current usage" shows? We have four lines, all with iPhones and only one of the phones lines doesn't add up correctly.

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Re: Data doesn't add up?


I think I've got it!  I tried Customer Support and their answer was useless- they said that it takes up to 72 hours for all data usage to post.  I've been checking data usage daily.  Previous data never gets revised and there's still an outage.

BUT- today I noticed that if you get on your phone and view the Cellular Data section of the menu, and scroll down your list of apps, you'll see a "System Services" total.  In my case, that total pretty much explains the extra between the Excel total and the Usage to Date on my on-line summary. 

That screen also shows System Services data usage by app, so you can see which ones are pulling in data when you're on the Cellular network, and how much.  You can select which ones can download data, too.  I found that my Sudoku app and a few newspaper apps were downloading data when I was in Cellular; I shut those off.  When I'm on Cellular, there are generally only a few apps I want to access (e-mail, FaceBook, stock prices, etc.).  The rest can wait till I'm on Wi-Fi!

It's a pain to have to keep Cellular turned off and to manually switch it on when you want to use it, but it's much easier to control data usage that way.