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Is there an email contact for Verizon Wireless customer service questions??

Navigating the site, to just to find a place  to direct a question is as tedious as waiting on hold for 45 minutes.  No, customer service in the store was also like getting a tooth drilled.  My fiance sat in a store waiting 2 hours for a representative to finally tell her, "Sorry we cannot help you until a date of a week later."

Getting to it..

Basically my device was either lost or stolen.  I enrolled in the Edge plan without a full understanding of the financial obligations.  Realizing the obligations I contacted the company to re-tract the order.  Too late.. the phone has been shipped.  I am instructed by customer service to not sign for the package, as that will naturally result in the phone to be shipped and the edge agreement to be retracted.  This essentially will result in a refund.

Ok did all that..

I contact Verizon days later to confirm the device has been received and the edge agreement has been lifted.  Noppee.  Verizon has not refunded the edge agreement, or have indication of where the device is.  Although Fed Ex has a tracking number of the device and confirmation, Me the customer has denied acceptance of the shipment (aka the device.)

Moving forward Verizon has explained I cannot proceed to purchase another device until the edge agreement is re-tracted and the phone is received. 

Meanwhile, I continue to pay my bill.  I have no service, no phone, and Verzon is being paid...  I have been provided with no intelligent resolution of this process, just periods of monotonous time on hold.  "We are experiencing higher than average calls..etc.."

Meanwhile.. I'll sit tight while Verizon charges me.  I wait for their slow bureaucratic business system to nail me with charges left and right real-time.  While they sort out whatever customer services, they may guess they can offer.  This company does a great job charging people instantly and provides 0 support for what your actually paying for.

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Re: Customer Service..?


There is no email option for customer service.

I am sorry to hear about your phone being lost/stolen. A better option is usually Edge and even though you would be paying for the phone monthly you may qualify for a service credit thus evening out the cost of the phone. My sister's phone is on Edge and is $27 a month but I get a $25 bill credit making it $2 a month for the phone. If I keep it for 2 years I have paid $50 for the phone but I can also upgrade her at any time. 32gb iPhone 5C on 2yr contract is $200 and on Edge with credit is $50 after 2 years. Win win for me.

Unfortunately, you do have to wait for VZW to process the return back to your account before you can order a new phone from them on Edge or at a discount. I want to say this without seeming rude or insensitive to the situation but VZW has no obligation to provide you with a device. Their business is providing a wireless network for calls and data. You can go almost anywhere and get a device to use. It is a courtesy that they sell phones in their store but they, after all, premium retailers of these devices. You can go to almost any manufacturer and get a device at full retail price. VZW offers the option of a 2 year service contract in exchange for a discounted price on the phone. Your $650 phone then costs you $200 plus the $30 upgrade fee with your contract agreement. This is because VZW fronts that $450 that you're not paying.