Customer Service - extremely rude


Just got off the phone call with an extremely rude and condescending rep.

I had two overage charges on my plan, because I was told at the beginning of contract with Verizon that my shared plan for 1GB of data will not be affected by one phone line temporarily deactivated (apparently wrong) and my data will automatically be capped if I'm using over my share (which is apparently cut in half without notice if one of the lines are suspended).

I call to ask why overage charges occurred, and I was met with the most condescending and rude attitude I've had with customer service, and even when I asked her politely to calculate the charges she talked over me and acted as if I was some stupid person who obviously should know everything about Verizon and their plans. I especially did not enjoy her comparison with other mobile services to describe how superior Verizon was (it's not).

Her name seems to be Darlene or sounded like it, the phone call was between 10:07 to 10:30 and I really hope Verizon better educates their reps because this is one of the worst encounters I have ever had with customer service anywhere.

Also your overage charges suck.

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