Cost of messaging to and from Canada with a prepaid phone


Hi. I am going to be in Canada for four nights very soon. I have a prepaid plan that includes unlimited texting to and from all carriers. I was wondering if I were to send or receive text messages to people in the U.S. from Canada, would I be charged extra, or will cost the same ($0.00)? If I were to be charged extra, could you please also include the amount it would cost for each text? Thanks for any and all help Smiley Happy

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Re: Cost of messaging to and from Canada with a prepaid phone

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Hi there TC17!

You raise a great question here about texting Canada. After all, it's always better to be safe now and make sure you won't get charged any extra. So, I'm happy to expand.

Based on most plans, texting to and from Canada is considered domestic and you would only be taking from your allowance. Given you're on a prepaid plan, you may wish to clarify exactly which plan you're on so you can get a definitive answer. To do so, please contact our prepaid department directly at 888-294-6804 as their plans, allowances, and capabilities often vary from here on the postpaid side. I hope this helps out a great deal!


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