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Consistent Motorola Razr Maxx problems + Terrible customer service


I have been a Verizon Wireless customer for years and I have been mostly pleased with the quality of service that I have received. I was coming from a wireless provider that was less costly, but had terrible customer service. That is something that I pride myself in when doing business with my customers and take very seriously when it comes to the companies that I support with my hard earned money. I became a Verizon customer and also have since gotten many family members and friends to do the same. Most recently, I added a line to my account for my father who has decided to leave his wireless provider and join Verizon as well. With all this being said, there has been a recent series of events that make me question my future service with Verizon.

I went to the store and the sales representative walked me through a soft reset then a hard reset. After the phone rebooted, we saw the problems were still occurring. I was then instructed to call customer service to order a new device. On September, 28 I called in to customer service after many attempts to get some bugs fixed with my Motorola Razr Maxx. I informed the first representative of my problems. She forwarded me to technical support. The technical support representative tried to get me to perform a reset that was already done in the store. He was not listening to my concerns, showing empathy, or really helping the situation. I asked for a supervisor. After I was transferred to the supervisor, she came on the phone very aggressive. She wasn’t listening and also cutting me off. Before we could resolve the problem with my phone, she disconnected the call. It was very unacceptable from Verizon wireless and moreover from a member of management.

  I called back in and explained my story again. The rep assured me that it was in their records that the supervisor noted that she disconnected the call (which I found out later was untrue). I felt like I wasn’t valued as a customer. After speaking to a supervisor and being told he could not help me, he transferred me to tech support. I spoke to a technical service rep that finally understood! He delivered good customer service initially, showed empathy, and let me know that I could get an alternate device outside of the Razr Maxx. He was having trouble with processing the order so he told me that he would transfer me to his supervisor, who would complete the transaction, but instead disconnected me. I called back. Again. After waiting another 10 minutes, I spoke to a customer service rep who transferred me to technical support once again. I spoke to another rep, and he transferred me to his supervisor. I explained my entire night of unsatisfactory customer service that I received from Verizon for the 2 hours I was on the phone and she assured me that the supervisor that was supposed to complete my order would call me back and resolve the issue. I never received a call back. This is now a month later and my phone is doing the same foolishness that it was doing before. I literally spoke to 10 people and not one person could deliver the customer service that I have come to expect from a service provider like Verizon.

What's the best direction to take this? Thanks in advance for all of your responses.

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Re: Consistent Motorola Razr Maxx problems + Terrible customer service

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So based on the above I see a few things, and also have some questions.

First the questions.

What is the phone doing that is not right?

When does this happen (after making a call, random, after sending a text)?

Can you reproduce this at will (can you make it happen when you want to)?

What apps have you installed on the phone (most of the time when there are certain issues on an Android it can be traced back to a third party app that was installed on the phone)

Have you done the Factory Data Reset?

Have you done the Cache Wipe?

Have you removed and reinstalled the SIM Card (you will need to do a Factory Data reset after doing so to avoid problems)

Now what I have noticed from above (and this is just some advise based on past experiences) and please do NOT take this personally, it is not an attack on you as I get the same way especially when people are NOT listening to what I am saying. You might be coming off a little too strong with the Tech Support / CS Reps / Supervisors. Focusing on the disconnection and the reps not listening to you and supervisors never calling you back is putting the reps / tech support / Supervisors on the defensive and they will never want to help you. They will only want to get off the phone with you and put it behind them.

I would almost approach it like this.

I am having a problem with my phone. I have done the soft reset and a factory data reset and it is still doing the same thing. Can you help me get past this and get my phone to work? Focus on the issue with the phone. When you tell a CS agent that you have already done the FDR and Soft Boot, they will pass you over to a Level 2 Tech. This is where you want to be. Tell the Level 2 Tech what the issue is and again focus on the phone and issue. Tell him/her what you have already tried and they will usually say, OK, I will NOT have you do that again, lets try this. and try to assist you.

They will either be able to fix the issue with you or suggest a replacement phone. They are able to replace the phone without a supervisor if it is the same model phone, or one of the suggested replacements (it is a list that the Verizon Techs have and not general knowledge). If you push to have your Razr replaced with a Razr Maxx, the tech cannot do that in most cases, and sometimes will refer you to a Supervisor who may or may not be able to do that one as well.

Now the tough part. If they do replace the phone. They will send you a new device via FedEx/USPS and give you a return label to drop the old device back off at a FedEx pick up facility. DO NOT SEND IT BACK THIS WAY. The program they have worked out is FedEx delivers the box to the USPS for delivery by mail. you do NOT get the USPS tracking number, and since it is a prepaid box, they do NOT weigh the box. When Verizon gets the box back, there is a very good chance they will claim the box is empty and they will try to charge you for the device that was never returned to them (read the posts and see).

Send the device back by FedEx where you pay the delivery to FedEx. Insure the box for $600 to cover the cost of the phone if it is lost  This will give you a tracking number that you can track all the way through to the delivery and obtain a signature once it is delivered. They also weigh the box so when Verizon claims the box was empty, you can provide proof that when you handed the box over to FedEx it had something in it.  This option might cost you $6-10 but it will pay off in the long run.  If the box is delivered and Verizon claims it was empty, and your proof does not satisfy them, you can go back to FedEx and seek resolution through them. FedEx will investigate and obtain the box back as well as provide any en route X-rays of the package to show there was a phone in the box. They will either pay you on the claim, or convince Verizon they don't want to play that game and resolve it that way.