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Completely upset and frustrated with Verizon's Service-Whats your thoughts?


Excuse the rant that I am about to post, but I am at my boiling point with all of Verizon's services, and am seriously considering switching carriers.

Lets start off with my first issue: the service.

My service in Boston used to be fantastic.  I had incredible speeds, never a call drop, and never an issue.  Recently, (with the past 6 months?), my service has become absolute crap.  I get frequent call drops, slow data connections, and just overall frustrated with the service.  I don't know if Verizon cheaped out with the quality service they are giving us or what, but there is definitely a notable difference since I haven't changed my phone or my plan.

Next, I will talk about Verizon's poor phone choices, and failure of freedom.

With a roaring phone market out there and amazing technology coming out every day, you think that all would be able to use these phone right??  Well not with Verizon!  Verizon fails to see the beauty of allowing unlocked phones.  Incredible devices like the HTC One, Oppo Find 5, and Nexus 4 are all worthy phones of buying, but I cant do to Verizon's policies and regulations.  they even block software!  I would love to be able to use Google Wallet, BUT I CANT! Verizon's failure of allowing mobile freedom is truly sickening.

Thirdly, I need to bring up customer service.

Although this is not an issue for me personally, because I hate dealing with any customer service, after reading these discussions for just 30 minutes, I have read many complaints about rudeness of CS staff.  I also have friends who have dealt with customer service and say, "It was the worst phone call I have ever had."  For Verizon's reputation sake, this issue needs to be resolved.

Finally, my biggest issue with Verizon is there shared everything data crap.

As of now I am still grandfathered into my unlimited data, but as new phones arise and mine becomes outdated, I have the urge, like many others, to upgrade to something better.  Of course now Verizon then again is making me purchase this BS shared data plan that is ridiculously priced if you use a lot of data (like myself).  Yeah, there are ways around this though, it only costs close to $700 to by the phone full price to keep the data!  Is that absolute crap or what?  Verizon scumming out customers by making them pay outrages prices to keep there plan.  This frustrates me so much, I cant even express it.

Well anyway, that's my thoughts on how Verizon is being run as of now.  What do you all think?

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Re: Completely upset and frustrated with Verizon's Service-Whats your thoughts?


Agreed on all points.  See my recent post.