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Changing plans


2018-04-28 verizon wireless 2.png

So I am changing plans online and the above image tells me my new monthly amount is $87.01.  I then go and say when I want to start the new plan (may 5 when the new billing cycle starts).  Then I review what I have..

2018-04-28 05_56_23-Verizon Wireless.png

Now the amount is $127.01.  My question-- is this just for 1 month  or is this my new monthly plan amount?

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Re: Changing plans

Sr. Member

Plan = $35

Line charge = $20

Device payment = $23

This puts you at $78 before tax for a given month.

There's absolutely no reason to still be on a Nationwide plan if it doesn't have the grandfathered unlimited data.

Also that screenshot clearly states removed items totalling -$40.


Re: Changing plans

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A) estimations are rarely right

B) if you only have 1 line then you should do a single line plan. You get 5 GB for $60 total or $55 if you do autopay and paperless billing and that includes the $20 line fee. So basically the same price

5GB for $55 | Verizon Wireless