Change a line on my family plan into my name?


One of the members on my family plan would like to leave for another service provider.  He recently upgraded his phone and locked in another two year agreement.  I do not necessarily want to remove the line from my plan, but I would like it switched into my name for the time being, until I can find another family member to join.

Also, my family member would like to keep their phone number.  Is this possible?  It would also benefit me as I don't want to receive is phone calls from people that don't know this is no longer his number.

Any clarification would be appreciated.

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Re: Change a line on my family plan into my name?

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First of all, ALL lines on a family plan are under the same name, the account owner.

For the member who wants to move to another provider, he would have to port out the line to another provider in order to keep his same number. This would automatically cancel that line of service on the family plan. There would be an ETF, which I assume you would try to recoup from the person leaving the plan since they renewed their contract before leaving.

When you find another family member to join, simply start a new line of service. Why would you want to pay to keep that line active if no one was using it?