Cellular dead zone at Grass Lawn Park in Redmond, WA


For years now, there has been a cellular dead zone at Grass Lawn Park in Redmond, WA, not far from the Microsoft corporate campus. It is worst on the south side of the park, along Old Redmond Road. When driving along this road, my cellular signal invariably cuts out between 148th Avenue NE and 140th Avenue NE, sometimes as far out as 132nd Avenue NE. The signal is not much better on the north side of the park, though sometimes a few bars of slow data can be found there. I assume the surrounding neighborhood is affected as well. The signal does not get better or worse when there are more or fewer people around.

This has been going on for at least ten years now, and it amazes me that nobody has reported it, especially as it's right in the middle of a neighborhood full of rich Microsoft employees, it affects the thousands of people who commute through this area each weekday, and it encompasses the favored park many of them take their children to. But I haven't known how to report it until now. I hope you can take a look at this longstanding dead zone.

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Re: Cellular dead zone at Grass Lawn Park in Redmond, WA


I live nearby (in Sixty01 condos) and verizon terrible in this neighborhood.  Agree that along Old Redmond road south of Grass Lawn park calls will drop 99 percent of the time.  (I think I had one NOT drop last week and couldn't remember when that happened. )  I live in nearby condos and get one bar at my unit.  Amazing given that we are about a mile from Microsoft campus.  Have talked to verizon reps on phone about it but they are useless/powerless.  I have been here 9 years.