Cell Site capabilities for Macon, NC Tower


Question for VZW's network engineering group:

In August 2015 a new tower was constructed near Macon, NC.  In mid-September 2015, antennas were placed on this tower.

From AntennaSearch.com, these are the details:

Registration #:1295675
Structure Type:NA
Date Constructed:08/18/2015
Ground Elev:313.0 feet
Height Of Structure:259.9 feet
Overall Height:581.7 feet
Structure Address:1501 Church Hill Road, Macon, NC

The owner is listed as Alltel Communications, LLC, which VZW bought many years ago.

Since this tower has gone live, 4G LTE coverage has been wonderful (20-50 Mbps according to SpeedTest app).  Additionally, my Droid Turbo (with HD Voice capabilities aka VoLTE) can make clear voice calls (previous closest tower / cell-site was ~8 miles away).  However other VZW phones on the account (Samsung Galaxy S4) that don't have VoLTE capability can't make voice calls, but still get good download speed with SpeedTest with LTE signal.

Can someone from VZW's network engineering group answer if this tower has 2G/CDMA/1xRTT antennas on the tower, or just LTE antennas?

If the tower doesn't have 2G/CDMA/1xRTT antennas at the moment, is this a case of construction is still in progress, or a permanent business decision not to install the older 2G/CDMA/1xRTT antennas at this location.

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