Cancel or Upgrade?


Hello, I am very confused by my service plan and the new edge plan and how to get them to mesh.

I currently have both an LG Spectrum and a Mifi on my 6gb data/voice plan.

I am 1 year in on both devices.

I would like to get the galaxy note 3 to replace the spectrum 2 and thought the Edge program would be a great way to do it.

Should I cancel all services with verizon and then start fresh elsewhere with the note 3 or does anyone know of a transition that verizon would do to go from one to the better more expensive one but on the edge program.

I dont mind extending my contract, but I am not going to pay $200 in early term fees just to get another Verizon phone and end up with another 2 year contract anyway.

Ideas or suggestions?  There must be others out there in the same boat.  I hate how these companies come out with good deals that those of us who are already customers cant get our hands on without hundreds in fees.

They say it is because of the cost of the phones, but when they will only offer me $20.00 for my spectrum 2 on trade in, it is hard to understand how they think it should still be worth hundreds in cancellation fees.

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Re: Cancel or Upgrade?

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I think right now they have a special through the 31st of March where you can upgrade with Edge. Normally you have to be out of contract to go with Edge. Also if you get on Edge you are not under contract. So there would be no ETFs if you were on the Edge plan. Now with Edge you are paying full price for the phone. You just do it over 24 months. Being that you have a 6 GB data plan you'll get a $10 discount on your line fee which is normally $40 for a smartphone. for data plans with a tleast 10 GB the discount is $20. After you have paid of 50% of the phone( typically 12 months if you make normal payments ) you can upgrade to a new phone you just need to trade in your old one in good working condition. If you want to upgrade sooner than 12 months then you need to pay the difference between what you already paid and 50% of the cost of a phone.

So in your case for a Note 3 that would be $29.31 a month added to you bill minus the $10 discount on your line fee. All you pay upfront is the first payment plus the sales tax.  You can upgrade after 12 months assuming you made all your payments. If you choose to go the full 24 months then after you paid the phone off its yours to do with as you wish.