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How is the Caller ID Service?

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1. This is a question you will have to decide for yourself. However, I am not 100% sure we are talking about the same thing. What comes to my mind is an App called "Caller Name ID".

2. But as far as myself, I would not touch this App with a ten foot pole. It came pre-loaded on my Droid MAXX with a free 30-day trial. Nevertheless, I was glad I checked it out before it could do any damage, before the trial period was up. As it turn-out after the free trial period, your Verizon account would be billed each month for the use of it. Plus, this App would not used a WiFi connection, even if there is one available. Nor could you force it to use any available WiFi connection. This is why I disabled and deleted it right away.

3. In which case, it would be cost you big bucks each month. Therefore, you would have to decide if it was worth the App User Fee each month, plus the cost of data usage from it each month. And because it would not use any available WiFi connection, all of this data usage would be coming from your Wireless Cellular Usage allowance.