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Beware of Verizon Home Fusion Service - DO NOT BUY


Warning! Warning! Warning!

Do not do business with Verizon

They will do everything possible to steal from you.

They are worse than the government. They are worse than the big banks. They are worse than the airlines.

Hidden fees? Check. Lies from store associates? Check. False advertising? Check.

The degree to which Verizon is able to rob its customers without government intervention or a class-action lawsuit is unbelievable.

If you make the mistake of signing up for a Home Fusion account, here is the agony you will suffer:

1) Unlike any other form of home internet, you will be locked into a 2-year contract. You will not be told about this. You will not be asked to sign any paperwork. You will just be locked into a contract and then threatened with a $350 fee if you try to cancel your service - even if you're dissatisfied with the quality of the internet connection.

2) Every month, you will be charged a hidden "$20 access fee" in addition to the fee you pay for your data. So if you think you're going to be paying $90 a month for internet, get ready for a rude surprise that you'll actually be paying $110 per month.

3) You will also be charged $15 for every GB you go over for your plan. Verizon of course is hoping that you will go over so they can slap you with feesor upgrade you to a more expensive plan.

4) You will be shown one price and then charged another. If you visit the website for Home Fusion or review the prices shown in marketing materials, you will see that 30GB plans are $120 per month. You will sign up for that plan, then receive your bill and discover that Verizon wants to charge you $185 a month instead. They will never tell you about this discrepancy, they will just start charging you whatever you want. Don't like the abuse? You can always cancel and Verizon will charge you a $350 cancellation fee.

You will be ripped off. You will be disrespected. You will be lied to.

For your own sake, please do not sign up for Verizon Home Fusion and if you can... do not sign up for any Verizon services. I am cancelling all of my plans because of the poor treatment I have received.

I've attached to this post the fake pricing that Verizon shows on their site. This is not the pricing they will actually charge you when you sign up. Buyer beware.

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Re: Beware of Verizon Home Fusion Service - DO NOT BUY

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I'm sorry you are going through this.   I hope you let Customer service know the cost is almost double what you were told.

This seems to be a common complaint with this type of service.  I think it's a shock how much internet service we can consume.   Most customers sign up for just a few GB and keep getting hit with big overage charges.

I use Cable internet and have a 300 GB "allowance", but they don't charge for overage.   You would think that too much and we would never come close.  But every month we are just about up to the max.   With cable TV cut to the bone, we use Streaming players a lot and they use a lot of data.

You do have a contract you can view online.   In "My Verizon"  under "My Profile", choose Documents/receipts.

This lists your records and view in PDF provides the details.

I'm guessing they add equipment cost "rental" on every month .   And then the crazy high taxes and FCC fees also.

Do they add "repeaters" inside also that they charge for monthly?


Re: Beware of Verizon Home Fusion Service - DO NOT BUY


Thats a pretty slow internet speed for the price.


Re: Beware of Verizon Home Fusion Service - DO NOT BUY

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It's isn't the speed, (which might be enough depending on how they use it), I'm finding the 30 GB laughable! 

I pay $65 a month plus taxes, I bought my own modem and an AirPort Extreme Router. 

As I mentioned I have "loosely" capped 300 GB at 25 mbps.   The next tier up only adds 100 GB a month, and we're just close to 300 without thinking about it, so no worries.

If OP uses Netflix or any internet gaming, that 30 GBs is toast in a few days.