Beware ! * * * Scammers sending realistic looking Verizon bills !


Just this morning I received two emails that were displayed as from "AccountNotify@verizonwireless.com".

The first email said: "Your current bill for your account is now available online in My Verizon         Total Balance Due: $968.85".

All the formatting and graphics were almost perfectly identical to the real Verizon Wireless email, except that all the clickable links go to: "termaloteller.tk/iuqBjDM1/index.html"

The second email was a "Thank you for your payment" and said:

Here are the details of your payment confirmation.

Payment Amount: $1747.97
Payment Method: Master Card

This time all the links go to: "www.ceaargentina.org.ar/KReR2AAm/index.html"

These bills are outrageously high to get you panicked and clicking their links impulsively.  That gets you to their site were they can load maleware on to your system.

Bottom line:  If it looks outrageous or unbelievable, it probably is!

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