Being told one thing online, then told I was misinformed on the phone...


I've been a loyal Verizon Customer for over ten years.  I lost my phone recently, so I need a new one & was eligible for an upgrade.  I went online & noticed that when I selected new phones unlimited data was no longer included & the new plans would include 2GB of data for $10 more than I was paying for unlimited.  So I chatted online with a customer service rep. & was told just to select a new phone & if the plan changed I could call customer service to get it reverted back.  I ordered my new phone last night & called today to get my plan changed.  I was told I was misinformed by online customer service & telephone customer service could not do what I was told.  This is not my problem, as I've screen shotted the conversation I had with Tonya online (see above).  Currently, I've cancelled my order for a new phone.  As a manager at a hotel I'm well versed in customer service.  If a staff member of mine misinforms a client, I either honor what was said regardless or do something to make it up to them.  Your telephone support staff did neither.  While pleasant & certainly keeping the bottom line of the company in mind, they weren't able to resolve this issue either by doing what was promised, nor by making it up to me for being "misinformed" by one of their co workers.  That is terrible customer service.  If a genuine attempt is not made to resolve this to my satisfaction, I will be going with another provider.  I've been mostly happy with your service, but if that's your idea of customer service I think I'll be better off elsewhere.

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