Backup Assistant

  1.       What is Backup Assistant℠ Plus? 

    Backup Assistant Plus is a service that integrates the features and capabilities of Backup AssistantSM, V CAST Media Manager and Sync & Connect.

    Backup Assistant Plus was replaced by Verizon Cloud in April 2013.  Verizon Cloud provides a secure, online storage cloud where you can back up contacts, photos, music, videos, documents, messages and call logs. The Verizon Cloud app also offers a variety of features that weren’t available with Backup Assistant Plus.

    If you’ve been using Backup Assistant Plus on your Android™ or iOS device, we highly recommend you download and install Verizon Cloud.

    To learn more about Verizon Cloud, or if you have additional questions, visit www.verizonwireless.com/cloud.
    Based upon this information, why is contacts on a Samsung Galaxy 4 phone using Backup Assistant? Why am I paying for Cloud?


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